Machele Nettles


Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design,  00 - 04

University of the Arts - Philadelphia, PA


Urban Outfitters - Photographer & Digital tech for men's e-commerce

Urban Outfitters - Stylist for men's e-commerce

National Cannabis Fest - Lead photographer

Circulate - Interior design, creative direction

Idol Light - Jewelry design and production, creative direction

TGS Financial - Interior design and consulting, creative direction, project management

Solve Media - Video production, creative direction

Talk Design Studio - Product design, creative direction

The Clean Air Council - Industrial design, materials specialist

Jefferson Hospital, occupational therapy dept. -  Lead designer for design charrette

Plannerzone - Design consulting, custom systems design / build / install

Adsum Restaurant - Interior design, creative direction

Fairmount Bicycles - Interior design / build

Uarts - visiting lecturer

Puss n Boots Boutique - Interior design / build

Grid Magazine - Industrial design / build

Urban Outfitters - Photographer / Image licensing

RAIR - Visiting artist

Published works include

Solve Media

Blurp (children's chair)

ModerNoir photography series

Visual Acuity Test room divider


The Clean Air Council

Adsum restaurant

The LadyBeast


countries published

Print - USA, Japan, France, UK

Web - USA, Japan, France, Germany, UK, Russia, Greece

Website photography contributions - Pop Up Polaroid and Sarah Cassano 

Product photography by Talk Design Studio